Mother’s Day Ideas

It’s the time of year when all Mum’s get to be appreciated for all the amazing work they do.  Whether it’s hard, exhausting or energy draining, mum’s get up every day and do it over and over again for their family.
So, having a day dedicated to celebrate the incredible work they do is VERY important (can you tell I’m a mum?), but it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Here are a few budget friendly ideas that your wife/partner will love:
  • Let her have a sleep in – heavenly
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Cook lunch or dinner
  • Arrange for her to have a lovely bath to herself (i.e. no kids allowed), with candles, oils, a glass of bubbles
  • Give her a foot rub or massage
  • Paint her nails (probably best for an adult to do this one)
  • Write a list of all the amazing things that she does and that you and the kids appreciate
  • Do a video of yourself and/or the kids saying how much you love her and each saying one to three things that you appreciate
  • Get her favourite movie on DVD (are those still around?) or Netflix, make popcorn, get her a snuggly blanket and let her watch it in peace
  • Take her for a walk on the beach or in a forest
  • Do some chores for her – washing, vacuuming, dusting etc
  • Treat her to some amazing chocolates (dark chocolate 70+ is a healthier version)
  • Make a picnic of all the foods she loves
  • Clean her car – vacuumed and washed
  • Secretly give the children $5 each to not fight
  • Shower her with love, hugs and kisses
Hope that helps!

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