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Kim McNamara

It has been great to have some sunshine, it definitely puts a spring in your step.
Now is a great time to think about what you want to be doing in summer. Instead of waiting for New Years resolutions, why not put something in place now.
What would you love to be doing in summer? What could you put in place now? Do you need to do some research? Who do you need to help you? Who would your positive support team consist of? Just asking these questions gets your brain thinking about any goals you might have. Once you have thought about what it is you would love to be doing, then consider your current reality around the goal at the moment. This is always a great starting point. Once you have thought about that current reality, brainstorm some options on moving yourself forward on that goal. Allow your mind to wander and write down any options you come up with. Don't filter your ideas as you are writing. Once you come up with your brainstorm, then look back through and think of one option you have written down that could move you forward.
Once you have an option, time frame what you need to do. Make yourself accountable. Have a date on the calender when that one thing needs to be completed.
Start today, why wait. If there is something you are passionate about doing or getting done, start the process today, you might be pleasantly surprised with your outcome.
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Kim McNamara
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