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Kim McNamara

Winter is well and truly here. It can be a time when we can become unmotivated with cold and wet weather. It can also be a time where we can look ahead and think about what we would like to be doing this summer. What could you be doing right now towards a summer goal? What small thing could you put in place today or this week? Is there some resource that you need that you could look into getting hold off? Is there someone you know that might have some knowledge or be able to help you around your goal? Is there some information you could get online? Maybe the library can help you with some information. Sometimes goals and dreams can be so big that we don’t even try as the road ahead looks so big, but what if you took a small step today. Small steps lead to big steps and if you chip away at something all of a sudden your progress can be massive. So I encourage you to think about what it is you might like to be doing this summer.
I have teamed up with the Dream Guards in Australia. Donna Leigh and Michael are motivational speakers that travel the world teaching resilience to children helping them to learn better strategies to manage bullies and teaching children to overcome adversity. Their work is world-renowned and also focuses around helping children and youth with the hope of helping those who are feeling suicidal to believe they have options.
Would you like to be part of creating a world record?
Most of us will believe in the power of gratitude. The Dream Guards and support teams are working towards creating a World record with the Global Gratitude chain. If you would like to be a part of this world record let me know. Check out the facebook page I will be out and about in the community to help out and even have paper on me if you would like to be a link. The gratitude message is written on a piece of paper that is 6cm x 21cm. These pieces of paper with gratitude messages become laminated and linked together. If you see me around, I will have paper on me. Together lets make a world record, together lets get some links happening.
A group of us attended the Le Va Life Keepers workshop in Helensville which is a workshop around suicide prevention. A subject we may not want to talk about but it in some degree has affected us all. You too can attend these workshops which come to our area. If you are wanting more details please feel free to email me or google Le Va Life Keepers. You can attend courses in person or you can do an email course. These workshops are backed by Ministry of Health.
Take care
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Life Success Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Diploma in Natural Health and Psychology

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