MOTV8N to succeed 2016: Make it YOUR year

Well 2016 is well and truly here.
How has it been so far? Some of those New Year’s Resolutions might have already gone out the door, or maybe not even be started. How do we engage ourselves into our goals and dreams and make them become reality?
Often we can have ideas of things we want to do and we carry them with us for many years.  What we forgot to do sometimes is update the goal list.  A goal that you set years ago might not be that relevant now, but for whatever reason we carry it with us as something we need to do.
Goals and dreams always need to be in line with our values.  Our values are our CORE, what makes up our SOUL, what we live for, what we live by.
Effective goal setting always needs to have that first key of being in line with values.  If we are caught up with keeping up with the Jones and keeping up with the “in group” we can often work hard and achieve things that become bitter sweet on completion because we don’t necessarily feel satisfied.
Great things to do after checking in with your values is create a Dream Board.  Our family has done these for many years, and I have run workshops on Dream Boards. They are fun and very effective for ALL AGES.
The idea of a Dream Board is to think about what you would like to achieve in life, big stuff, and small stuff, stuff you think you might never be able to achieve.  If it interests you, it is important.  Find some magazines, books, brochures, internet info etc and cut out the pictures around dreams you like. Find words or print words that have meaning for you.  Make sure all of it is POSITIVE. Arrange it all on a big piece of cardboard/ paper. Stick it on your Dream Board and pop that Dream Board up somewhere where you are going to see it often.
The mind is very, very clever.  Our conscious mind is busy helping us out with tasks we need to be thinking about, and our unconscious mind has a whole load of other processes going on. One of these is being aware of your Dream Board every time you see it, even if you haven’t really consciously noticed you are looking.  It’s the same thing as putting pictures of goals and dreams on the fridge. We visit the fridge many times a day, we glance at the picture, not really thinking about it too much. Meantime our unconscious mind is noticing and reconfirming over and over that this is important.  The power of positive reinforcement.
So have a think, and have some fun, maybe you might like to create your own Dream Board; maybe you might like to create a family one.  Kids love this stuff.  Be mindful not to put your dreams and input into others’ Dream Boards, as we all hold our own values, beliefs, visions and dreams.
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