MOTV8N to succeed

Hopefully, you have had some time off, refuelled and enjoyed this hot summer weather.
So what plans do you have for 2018? What is one goal big or small that you would like to achieve? Some people have never felt they have achieved much, so it is great to start small and work on small successes, others dream big, and work on huge goals, plugging away until they get the outcome they want.
Imagine what it is that you want to achieve, imagine you have already achieved it. What would it look like in your mind? What would you be doing? Who would be your support people? What research would you need to do? Who do you need on your team? These are great questions to ask and allowing your mind to daydream to the goal already being achieved, lets your brain have a pre-run of the goal and allows you to see, feel and hear what that would be like for you.
The first step in goal setting, it to make sure the goal you are trying to achieve is in line with your value system, then once you achieve it, it will feel great. Sometimes we take on others goals without even realising, if the goal is not in tune with your value system, then when you achieve it, it won’t feel like much of an achievement. So think of that goal, it fits in with your value system, pre-run what it would be like to achieve that goal. Write your goal down stated in a positive sentence. Brainstorm what your reality is right now. How can you achieve the goal, what do you need to put in place? Brainstorm possible options of how to achieve the goal, try to let the ideas flow and not edit them as you go. Then look over the list of possible options and pick one that is best for you to move forward on this goal. This sets you in motion, make yourself accountable and put a date that you want the goal achieved. If we don’t have a finish date our brain does not always have the buy in to carry on. Once you think of a realistic date to achieve your goal, write it on the calender, put a reminder in your phone and in your diary. Now your brain has a goal to work towards that is inline with your value system and a realistic date to achieve it by. Sometimes you don’t even need to know how you are going to achieve a goal, you just have to have a strong desire to see the goal through. Good Luck
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Asmave a passion for conservation, pollution and sustainability. We have been asked by an organisation to be guardians of the coastline where we live. It is all about keeping our beaches clean and free from pollution. If you want to help out, email me. There are many wonderful locals who clean up, it is really great to see.
Also after working over 600 hours doing fishing research, I have noticed the number of near misses on the water. I have imported some waterproof mobile phone cases. I have been giving these away down at the beach. If you are about to launch your boat and you see me there and don’t have a waterproof phone cover come and see me. You hang them around your neck and can make a call while they are in the case. The cases float. A lot of people go out with no protection, we all want our friends and family to come home and the conditions of the harbour change so fast.
Kim McNamara

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