MOTV8N to succeed

Kim McNamara

Everyone deserves a chance to live a normal life. For some, it is harder to achieve than others. There are a group of seriously passionate people in our community that are keen to make a huge difference for those who suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder. If you meet someone with this syndrome, you may never even notice that there is anything different, but once you get to know them better, you will become aware of the brain damage that they have. Some research says it is OK for a mother to have a few drinks while pregnant, other research says no drinking is safe at all, but what we do know is that alcohol at a certain stage of the pregnancy will cause irreversible brain damage. The risk is high, too high, the damage will be there for life.

Check out the facebook page, like and share the group, let’s raise awareness of Fetal Alchohol Syndrome Disorder.
If this is something you feel passionate about and would like to donate or sponsor PLEASE DO.
With your help and support, we can help many more children affected by this disorder.
Kim McNamara Life Coach/Hypnotherapist
027 978 5970
Proud supporter of FAZED INN

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