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Nature, the best stress release.

Kim McNamara

It is lovely to have had some nice weather. The weather sure can have an impact on how we are feeling. The nice weather generally makes us feel like we want to get out and about and do things. Whether it be around our home or out and about visiting people and places.
Nature can offer one of the best stress releases.  To be able to STOP and look around, smell the fragrances where we are, hear those noises that nature gives us. The smell of a flower, the beauty of the nature around us, the sounds that nature gives us, the buzzing bee, the crashing of the waves on the beach.
Another wonderful stress release is called grounding, that is taking off your shoes and walking barefoot on the earth. This can be a wonderful sensation and can provide stress release.  Grounding or earthling has been around for centuries. We tend to put shoes on if the ground is wet, but to walk barefoot on the morning dew, or the grass that has been rained on, can help connect us back to the earth.
Most of us tend to think things in our lives are stressful, and there are many fly by night potions and pills that can be sold to us to help us feel at peace.  Getting back to nature, and enjoying nature, stopping and slowing down, to notice how wonderful the world is and how while we are so busy, the grass is still growing, the clouds are still moving, the tide is going in and out.  Nature does this all effortlessly while sometimes we just get too busy to notice.
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