MOTV8N to succeed – Comfort Zones

Kim McNamara

Often we become creatures of habit and tend to do the same things over and over. Some of us go on through life repeating patterns and cycles. Sometimes we look at others and wonder how they can be so brave and try new things, sometimes we are the person being brave and trying new things.
There is lots of talk about comfort zones, some of us have bigger comfort zones than others. So what is a comfort zone?  It is that safe place we sit in where things remain the same and we feel comfortable, we know everything around us, it is predictable and we mostly know what it coming.
So why bother moving out of your comfort zone?  The most learning you do will be out of your comfort zone. To do the same thing daily will probably mean you use the same strategies and patterns you have always used to do your day. Sometimes sitting in your comfort zone, maybe after having a hard time over something is a good thing while you get yourself back to your normal self. Sitting in your comfort zone for too long can get a bit boring.
We all know what if feels like to not want to go out for the day, and then when we have gone out, we have had such a cool day. We have all done it!!
Maybe you are tired, maybe your self-esteem is riding a bit low, maybe it is just not you to go out and do new things, maybe it has just become a pattern.
Going outside your comfort zone provides learning, just like we encourage children to try different things and expose them to different positive situations and events so they grow in their understanding and enjoyment in the world, we too as adults need to grow.
Any easy way to start if you are feeling a bit stuck, is to make a point of going outside your comfort zone once a day, it doesn’t have to be parachuting but it might be having someone over for coffee or going for a walk, enrolling in a group activity that you enjoy, maybe going to visit someone who you haven’t seen or a
while. Maybe you might be someone who wants to step it up a bit more, enrol in some learning, finally get your license and visit a different place that you haven’t been too or maybe you would like to be a volunteer in a group you are passionate about.
Whatever it is, I encourage you to do one thing small outside of your comfort, our brains are geared to move forward, we learn until the day we die, going outside of our comfort zone puts us in different situations, who knows you might enjoy it. ;
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I am lucky enough to be working in the community with some amazing people who are passionate about raising awareness and helping children, parents and families that are affected by Fetal Alcohol Disorder Syndrome (FASD). We are aware that their might be many children out there struggling with this disorder and some undiagnosed.
Our aim is to dispell the myth that a mother needs to drink excessively while pregnant for this disorder to happen. A few drinks at a certain stage of pregnancy is enough is cause brain damage. Our group is positive, upbeat and we brainstormed some tips for dealing with some behaviours that FASD will present. These include one instruction at a time, they will be impulsive, and at times lack judgement, if you want an FASD child to calm, then make sure there is not too much stimulus, they will often forget as their short-term memory is not great, this can also make learning difficult, behaviour might be right up there, but try and be calm and talk quietly, let the small stuff go, as there will probably be bigger stuff to deal with it and FASD children will often act first, and process later. Join our facebook group FAZED INN.
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