MOTV8N to succeed – What would you love to do?

Kim McNamara

So imagine you had no limitations, imagine you could do whatever it was that you wanted.
What would you be doing?
Imagine you could achieve beyond what you currently believe you can? How would that feel?
The reality is we all need to do certain things daily to survive for ourselves and provide for any dependants we have.
But amoungst that busy day and busy week, what would happen if you gave yourself an hour a week to dream?
Think of one small step you could make towards making that dream come true. Maybe it is researching some details?
Maybe it is talking to someone who has already achieved something similar to what you want to do?
And then if you only gave yourself 1 hour a week to dream, at the end of the year, that equals 52 hours putting your thoughts towards your dream. You might give more or less time depending on your motivation to carry it through.
So if you could do anything, what would you do?
Kim McNamara Life Coach/NLP Master Practitioner/Hypnotherapist 027 978 5980

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