New children’s book by Jo Carson-Barr available

waataTheir first book ‘The Good Bye Chair’ was obviously loved by the folk of Helensville/Kaukapakapa considering how many copies they purchased, or maybe it was locals supporting locals, or a bit of both. Since then Jo Carson-Barr and Simon Barr have been working on their next book, the first in a series of stories about a delightful little creature called Waata the Weta. It’s the story of Waata coming to the realisation that he is very different from other Weta (ginger dreadlocks) and deciding he would like a life in the daylight, full of fun and adventures. This book follows Waata’s journey to find The Perfect Home. You will need to purchase a copy or request one from the library to find out if his journey is successful.
The full title of this book is ‘Waata the Weta: can he find the perfect home?’ The book of 48 full colour pages has a look of a comic in parts, animation in others, showing the illustrator’s other life as an animator. The illustrations are stunning, with many tiny details (note: look for Fly). Every time you read it you will see something you haven’t seen before, and you child will be engrossed for hours. The story is told in narration boxes and speech bubbles similar to a comic. It can be enjoyed by any age, readers and non-readers alike and gives scope to the adult story reader to adlib and enhance the story.(As the series progresses the books are likely to become more and more comic-like in appearance. If you have a child who loves comics watch for these in the future).
As with ‘The Good Bye Chair’ the author and illustrator have offered it to Copy and Print to sell to the people of the Helensville/Kaukapakapa area, which was their home for over 35years.
So, when you come into Copy and Print to get your printing jobs done by the helpful team of Brian and Anita, have a look yourselves and purchase a copy.

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