New Zealanders Demand Real Change: ACT’s Vision for the Future





The recent General Election in New Zealand has brought about a seismic shift in our political landscape. Kiwis have voiced their frustration with the status quo and voted for a change of government, and for good reason. The Labour-led government has presided over issues that have long plagued our nation, from rising crime rates to economic concerns, and their refusal to address these problems head-on has left many disillusioned.

One of the major grievances among New Zealanders was the perceived rise in violent crime and the belief that criminals were going unpunished. Labour’s response that there was no increase in crime left people feeling gaslighted and disconnected from the reality they saw around them. It is evident that the public was crying out for a government that would take a tougher stance on law and order.

Another pressing concern was the impact of wasteful spending and excessive red tape on the cost of living and inflation. Many Kiwis simply couldn’t buy into Labour’s narrative that their policies had no bearing on these economic issues. The truth is that every dollar wasted and every unnecessary regulation imposed has a tangible impact on the everyday lives of ordinary New Zealanders. Voters wanted a government that would prioritize responsible fiscal management and reduce the burden of red tape.

Perhaps one of the most contentious issues was the perception that the Labour Government treated healthcare and land use differently depending on the ethnicity of individuals’ parents or grandparents. New Zealanders were appalled by this divisive approach and the implications it had for our unity as a nation. The desire for a government that treats all its citizens equally and respects the principles of fairness and individual rights was evident in the election results.

This election was about more than just grievances; it was a call for real change. New Zealanders are not satisfied with merely trimming the sails; they want a complete change of direction. They voted for a government that will address these pressing issues head-on and deliver the change they yearn for.

A key part of this change is building a more productive economy that can generate the wealth required to fund high-quality education, healthcare, and infrastructure. Resource management rules need to be reformed to make it easier to develop housing and infrastructure. Property owners should have the presumption that they can use their land, and objections to development should be limited, ensuring we can meet the housing and infrastructure needs of our growing population.

Transport projects like the long-delayed Kumeu bypass should be able to proceed with private funding and be financed by tolls if local people prefer that option. This approach will alleviate the burden on taxpayers and expedite vital infrastructure development.

Energy policy should prioritize affordability and reliability for both businesses and consumers, without being fixated on a particular type of fuel. It’s time to end the era of using energy policy as a blunt tool for decarbonization. A ban on oil and gas exploration has been detrimental to our economic prospects and needs to be reversed. We should also cut the red tape that hinders resource development, which is crucial to restoring a productive economy.

ACT envisions a coalition government with a focus on productivity, wealth creation, and education. New Zealanders have spoken loud and clear, and they deserve a government that listens and acts in their best interests. It’s time for a new direction, and ACT is ready to lead the way.

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