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They say there are only six degrees of separation between any two people worldwide. In New Zealand, though, we are almost conditioned to expect it. Here we live in what must surely be one of the most intimate societies in the world, so it has become a cliché to say that the six degrees of separation that supposedly connect every human being on the planet are reduced to only two in Godzone.
Locating Billy turned out to be quite straightforward. Once our February paper hit the streets, a number of our readers emailed me with information. One Harry Thompson emailed “I served with Billy in the Royal New Zealand Navy and our network have located him living the life up north. Hopefully Billy will be able to get in touch with you or Gerry.”
Within a couple of days I had an email back from Linda, Billy’s partner and was able to connect Gerry and Billy once more. I believe they are now communicating via Facebook, and I have since received the following email from Billy:
Hello to everybody in Helensville.
Yes, Billy Baker is alive and very well.
I met my friend Gerry White whilst in Cambodia.
I left Helensville in 1993 and moved to Devonport, close to my job at the Naval Base. I was posted to the capital of Cambodia, which is Phnom Penh. I worked at Naval HQ which was on the banks of the Mekong River and the Bassac River. My job was to maintain and repair vehicles, outboard motors and generators.
I met Lieutenant Commander Gerry White, Royal Canadian Navy, we shook hands and I said I’m Billy Glum from Helensville and his reply was where is Helensville? I said only the very best of the crop come from Helensville. We became very close friends although we were different ranks.
We would go on patrol and after a long day in the heat returning to Naval HQ, do the debrief at Kiwi House with a few light refreshments, then out for dinner.
I got such a surprise when I was looking at Bookface and to see your article in the Helensville Community news.
Well done! Brian for doing this for Gerry you have rekindled a friendship which was made 27 years ago.
My Kindest regards
William Baker, Billy Baker, Billy Glum and the latest nickname Billy Brush.

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