Off-Leash Dog Exercise and Agility Park

South Kaipara Rotary Club recently invited the local community to submit project ideas for community benefit that the club could help initiate and lead.
Ideas consideration factors were focused on scope of community benefit, potential for active involvement in the project design and implementation by the community and local businesses, ongoing maintenance requirements and high levels of community usage post completion.
One idea that received a positive response from club members was the creation of a safe and secure fenced area to allow for the exercise of off-leash dogs, including the option of installing dog agility equipment. Nearest similar ones are in place at Corban Reserve Henderson Valley ( and further afield in Whangarei(
The creation of the park would require fencing with gated access for dog owners and enough space for the addition of small wooden structures, concrete tubes etc. to enable agility type training/fun for our four-legged friends. Some location options are already on the table and depending on the community response to this idea will be pursued with more diligence.
South Kaipara Rotary Club are keen to lead this project and engage with the Rodney Local Board, community and businesses for input, fundraising and sponsorship opportunities through to completion of the park.
Initial feedback from the Rodney Local Board has been encouraging, however their sound advice before we get too carried away is to first gauge the level of community support for the idea.
The club is now reaching out through community publications and social media for feedback on the idea and inviting people to email any feedback to









Students at Helensville Primary using the dictionaries recently donated by South Kaipara Rotary. This was part of the programme they have run for the last 4 years providing year 3 and 4 students with their own dictionaries. As so many students now use online dictionaries they propose to provide only classroom dictionaries next year so students can be taught how to use dictionaries at the discretion of their teacher.

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