Potted & Indoor Plants Workshop

Saturday 24th September (9.30am to 11.30am)

Plants in pots or containers can be used to brighten up any living space whether indoors or outside. However, growing plants in pots can be difficult, especially if you are growing plants in pots outdoors.
There is a huge array of different plant options available to choose from, and a knowledge of appropriate growing environments and how to care for your plants is essential for success.
This 2 hour interactive and fun workshop presented by horticulturist David Bayly, will offer much of the information you will need to assist in growing plants in pots.
If you have a plant in a pot that needs repotting or help,  you are welcome to bring it along, and we can take a look at any issues it may be having, repot it if needed, and see if we can encourage new life into it.
Topics to be discussed will include:
· Plant selection to meet your requirements
· How to keep your potted plants alive and looking good over many years
· How and when to re-pot
These events are generally very popular so BOOKING is ADVISED as spaces are limited (see below for booking details).
We also have our cute little coffee shop on site plus of course the Plant Centre for you to browse through.
Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will also be on hand to help with any other garden related questions.
PLEASE NOTE: Workshop cost price includes potting mix & fertiliser if you bring a plant along.

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