Power Rangers shoot in Helensville

Power Rangers shoot at the old dairy factory. (Photo by Theresa Sjoquist)

The children’s television show Power Rangers, produced by an American entertainment and merchandising franchise, has established itself as a popular global enterprise since it first screened in the States in 1993 and no doubt there are many Helensvillians among its devoted fans.
While there are plenty of grumbles about the derelict state of the abandoned dairy factory by the road leading into Helensville, the site was put to good use when it was used for a Power Rangers shoot in May, when fight scenes involving qualified stunt teams were shot there for the series ‘Power Rangers – Super Ninja Steel’.
With crew and actors on site between 5.30am and 7pm, the visuals were accompanied by gas explosions and pyros operated by an experienced special effects team. Thanks to smooth organisation and the fact that the site is well off the road, disruption to Helensville was minimal, with nothing more dramatic than the sound of an occasional muffled explosion floating over to neighbouring businesses.

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