Preparing for an interview – Part 1 of 3

Hi everyone – this is a carry on from last month. You have done your CV, now its preparation tome for when you get an interview. Getting a job interview is a great achievement. It shows that the employer was impressed and wants to find our more about you. At the interview the employer is trying to choose the right person for the job and your trying to prove that you are the right person.
You’ll need to plan what you want to ask and practice what you want to say. Being prepared shows that you have initiative and are motivated – two qualities that employers look for.
What the employer might ask:
Every interviewer is different, but there are some types of questions that are nearly always asked.
· Tell me about yourself
· Tell me about your last job
· What are your skills/strengths? What equipment can you use? Have you done this type of work before?
· Tell me about your education and training?
· What involvement do you have with clubs / sports / the community?
· Do you see yourself doing any further training?
· What is your greatest achievement?
· Can you describe a time you didn’t succeed at something?
Give an example of a problem you’ve fixed.
· What are your weaknesses?
· What motivates you to do a good job? What will you get from the job?
· Do you prefer to work alone or in a group?
· What are your ambitions / plans for the future?
· What were you paid in your last job?
· What wage do you expect?
· What do you know about us?
· What interests you about the job? Why do you want to work for us?
If you have been out of work a while, have gaps in your CV or have had a lot of employers, you may be asked about it and should have a brief explanation ready.
If an employer asks you if you’ve ever been fired or convicted of a crime tell the truth. Say briefly what happened, explain how you’ve changed or what you’d do differently now and ask for a second chance.
Part 2 will be in the February Issue

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