Preparing for an interview – part 3 of 3

Remember to relax – be friendly and polite:
The interview is your chance to tell the employer why you are the right person for the job.
It’s normal to be nervous – but try to relax. Be friendly and polite and try to keep good eye contact. Listen carefully to questions you’re asked and give positive and honest answers. Check your notes if you need to and take more notes if you want. If you don’t hear or understand something ask the interviewer to repeat it.
At the end thank the employer for the interview and ask when they will be making a decision.
When you get the job:
There are quite a few things to think about when you start a new job. Or instance you’ll need to find out
· What day and time you start, and the hours you’ll work
· Where to go and who to ask for on the first day.
· What you need to take (like tax and bank account numbers)
· How the wages are paid – and when.
When you are settling in:
Those first few weeks are an important time when others will form a lasting impression on you. Here are some tips for making a good impression:
· Be honest and dependable – be on time, get all your work finished, be prepared to do more than you are asked to do and help others if you can.
· Be polite and friendly – introduce yourself, shek hands and remember names.
· Learn quickly – ask if you don’t know and take notes if you need to.
· Learn the rules – find out the health and safety rules, and unwritten rules about how things are done in your workplace, and make sure you follow them.
· Solve your own problems – don’t ask for help every time something does wrong – try to figure it out first, then check to see if you are right.
· Keep home and work separate until you know what the boundaries are at work.

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