Problems with neighbours?

This is a very common problem and one that should be addressed, not left to get worse. Neighbourhood issues can be very toxic on one’s life. To feel uncomfortable in your own home due to the presence of others living near you isn’t nice. There is no easy answer and not every neighbourhood problem can be fixed. But there are some things you can do:
Look at yourself first; can you honestly say that you aren’t part of the problem? Then:
Don’t inflame the situation. Two wrongs do not make a right. Take the moral high ground and treat your neighbour, as you would like them to treat you.
Ask them if there is a chance for both of you to sit down and talk this through sometime that is convenient for everyone.
When you meet, acknowledge that there have been issues in the past that can’t be undone. You can’t un-ring a bell, however, you are here in good faith to try and rectify things for a better future for the both of you.
Focus on the problem, not the people involved. Decide what you can do together to fix the problem. Agree to talk in the future, if problems arise. Agree to act like adults.
If a face to face meting doesn’t resolve the problem, ask a neutral person to help you, such as a community mediator.
Take time out to ask someone at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau what options you have for resolving neighbourly issues, if you can’t resolve it yourself.

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