Rangituhia by Atarangi Anderson

3 – 24 June , Opening event Sat 3 June 2 - 4pm
Artist demonstration / workshop art making activity Sat 17 June 10.30 -12 $5 Koha
June sees a new exhibition Rangituhia with Rangi meaning the sky father and Tuhiato record, a solo show by Atarangi Anderson at Art Centre Helensville.
Atarangiis a 24-year-old from Te Aitanga a Hauiti and Ngati Porou, currently in her last year of a Bachelor of Creative Enterprises at Unitech.
The exhibition will showcase works that are based around the changing of knowledge and identity through colonisation, decolonisation exploring the effects, which take place.
It looks at the effects that are put into motion when non-Maori are teaching both Maori and non-Maori about our culture and the gap in knowledge that this process leaves.
The Exhibition Rangituhia is a comment on growing up in Aotearoa as a half cast Maori, and also a contemporary look at how knowledge is changed and lost though colonisation and decolonisation told through the Matariki stars.
The exhibition will comment on identity and how we fit into being raised as Maori but in a world that hasn’t been, of late made by Maori. The exhibition will use photography, moving image, and pounamu in the hope that these works will lead viewers and Whanau to seek answers to the questions that arise and to participate confidently in TeAo Maori.
Atarangi will be delivering an Artist demonstration / workshop art making activity on Sat 17 June 10.30 -12 $5 Koha, where attendees will be involved in hands on painting of Matariki patterns and learning about the stars of the constellation and their significance
As an artist, Atarangi Anderson hopes that visitors will learn some of the basic knowledge of the meaning of the nine stars of Matariki and will be called to question their knowledge and go in search of their own answers, thus revitalising their own history, culture and language.
It is Atarangi’s hope that people from all ethnicities are able to come to a safe place to find common ground in order to learn and relate together using the art forms as a conduit and that visitors will be able to increase their knowledgebase about Matariki and around Maori culture and its significance today.
Artist demonstration / workshop and join in art making activity Sat 17 June 10.30 -12 $5 Koha
The exhibition will be on show from 3 – 24 June with an opening event on Sat 3 June from 2 - 4pm. All welcome.

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