Restoring the Kiwi Dream: ACT’s Vision for a Prosperous New Zealand

As an ACT MP living in the vibrant community of West Auckland, I have had the privilege of listening to the concerns and aspirations of constituents. After six years of Labour-led government, alongside the Greens and New Zealand First, it has become abundantly clear to most Kiwis that we cannot continue on the current trajectory. The ACT Party is asking Kiwis to embrace transformative policies needed to restore the Kiwi dream.

One of the most immediate and pressing concerns for New Zealanders today is the relentless increase in the cost of living. The burden of skyrocketing living costs, particularly housing expenses, falls disproportionately on the shoulders of ordinary Kiwis. The government’s intervention in the rental market has led to an upward spiral in rents, making it increasingly difficult for families to make ends meet. Furthermore, Labour’s reckless spending habits have fuelled inflation, driving up interest rates for homeowners and compounding the financial stress on Kiwi households.

The ACT Party advocates for a market-driven approach to housing, including substantial reforms to the Resource Management Act to stimulate housing development and eliminate unnecessary regulations that hinder supply. By doing so, we aim to make housing more accessible and affordable for all New Zealanders, providing much-needed relief to our struggling families.

Moreover, we understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and prudent governance. ACT is committed to reducing wasteful government spending and prioritizing essential services. We believe in protecting the hard-earned money of Kiwi taxpayers, ensuring that it is spent wisely and efficiently. By curbing inflation and promoting policies that support economic growth, we can help Kiwis enjoy a higher standard of living without constantly feeling the financial squeeze.

Rising costs, driven largely by excessive red tape and overly restrictive employment laws, have stifled economic growth and productivity. This, in turn, has detrimental consequences for job security and wage growth for New Zealand workers. ACT’s pro-growth policies are designed to slash unnecessary regulations and empower businesses to thrive. We believe that by creating a more business-friendly environment, we can boost productivity, generate more job opportunities, and ultimately enhance the prosperity of our nation.

In the upcoming 2023 election, voting for ACT represents more than just a change in government management. It signifies a vote for a fresh new direction that prioritizes the needs of all New Zealanders, regardless of their race or ethnicity. We pledge to scrutinize government spending line by line to ensure genuine value for every taxpayer dollar. We understand the value of your hard-earned money and are committed to protecting it.

Education is another cornerstone of our vision for a prosperous New Zealand. We advocate for world-class standards in our schools to ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach their academic potential. ACT believes in getting politics out of the classroom and putting the focus back on delivering the best education possible for our future generations.

Lastly, ACT is the party that truly speaks for New Zealand’s farmers and small business owners because our candidates are those very individuals. We understand the unique challenges they face and are committed to advocating for policies that support their growth and success.

The ACT Party offers a clear and practical path to restore the Kiwi dream. By addressing the rising cost of living, curbing inflation, promoting business productivity, and championing individual freedoms, we can build a brighter and more prosperous future for all New Zealanders. It’s time for change, and the ACT Party is ready to lead the way toward a better New Zealand.

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