Road Safety Meeting

As part of raising local road safety awareness,concerned community members met last month at the War Memorial Hall, Helensville to share and write down their concerns.
The meeting was organised by Shona Oliver of Nga Maunga Whakaahii o Kaipara and was open to all whanau, residents and businesses. Issues raised included loss of lives, the need for strong visual road signage and safer road access to four marae located immediately off both the main arteries,Kaipara Coast Highway and State Highway 16.
Mei Hill who attended said, “This is a call to action. It’s vitally important to secure NZTA, Auckland Transport and Police representation at our next meeting as our concerns have been ongoing. So far, we have not been allocated the resources we so desparately need to avoid more tragedies on the district’s very busy highways.”
The meeting also considered how to influence policy makers from all relevant agencies, including Auckland Council and Rodney Local Board, with a particular focus on road repairs, road signage, safer access and road safety programmes for drivers.

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