Rock hunt in Helensville

On Wednesday the 13th of July 2022, 100 hand painted rocks will be hidden in Helensville area. Locations will be revealed at 0830hrs on the North Shore/Rodney/West Auckland Police facebook page,
Every child who finds a painted rock can bring it to the Helensville Police Station on the 13th July between 9am and 2.30pm to receive a prize pack.
There will also be 5 well hidden rocks for the parents to find, and they too can receive a prize if they bring it to the Helensville station.
There will be a police vehicle and mobile police unit on site for the children to have a look at, and also an opportunity to try on a Police uniform.
This event provides families with an opportunity to have a positive interaction with Police in a low stress environment, and allow our tamariki to feel comfortable coming into a Police station.
Even if you don’t find any painted rocks, we welcome families to come down and visit the Police Station anyway.
Updated information can be found on the North Shore/Rodney/West Auckland Police facebook page. We look forward to meeting everyone!
Senior Constable Melissa Haven
Helensville Community Constable

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