Rodney Local Board update from Mark Dennis

Shelly Beach Playground Upgrade.

More upgrades coming to Shelly Beach! I’ll keep you updated as more details come through, but below you will see a concept plan for the playground with work to start shortly and completed in February 2024.

Great to see so much funding going into our smaller communities that historically have missed out.

What is the future of our coastal areas?

The photo below is from Shelly Beach, and you will see a nearly brand-new footpath washing away in a storm…

This is a conversation that communities need to have right across Auckland and indeed across NZ. How far do we go to hold back nature and the changing shape of our coastlines?

Seawalls do not work in every situation and can often only buy more time. Properties being built on reclaimed land or close to coastlines are at risk, and is a managed retreat the answer? Or do we try and hold back the ‘Changing tide’ at a massive cost to the wider ratepayers for the benefit of coastal landowners?

In the 1900’s we had an era of ‘reclaiming’ land to be used for farming and housing, and in some areas, it feels like nature is looking to claim that land, back plus some.

If you live in a high risk area please visit for how you can be better prepared.

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