Rodney Local Board update from Mark Dennis

It has been a busy time for the Rodney Local Board, and I would like to start by thanking all the hardworking staff who have been working around the clock to process all the consultation documents. With pressure on staffing numbers and budget cuts across council, it is great to see that the Rodney Local Board is still achieving over 100% of its planned work programme. Below I have outlined a number of recent local achievements and updates. If you have any questions on them or need more details, please feel free to touch base.

Bird of the Century:

Bird of the Century is coming up. Voting opens in October. For an early look at the candidates please see the link

Lions Lounge/Rautawhiri Pavilion:

The renewal of this building was completed last month, and recently we have also received a new shade roof over the deck to give much needed shade to parents and spectators watching tennis, particularly in Summer. A drinking fountain was also installed out the front of the building.

Regular uses of the adjacent carpark will notice the decaying trees have been removed. This area will be returned to grass. It was noted that trees were inappropriate in this space as their roots are likely to lift the carpark surface. More trees and plants are to be planted between the carpark and the tennis courts to replace what was taken away.

Push for a Safe Crossing outside Rautawhiri Park:

Since the development of Parkview opposite Rautawhiri Park, I have received several emails and comments about how dangerous Rautawhiri Road can be for children and families crossing the road to access the park and playground. Cars regularly speed past Rautawhiri Park, well over the 50km speed limit, and with more and more families living in this part of Helensville, a Safer Crossing is required. There is also a new daycare opening opposite Rautawhiri Park and this adds to requirement for speed calming measures to be implemented. I have fought hard to get a Raised Crossing approved to be placed near the entry to Rautawhiri Park, this would work as a safe crossing option and as a speed calming measure for those vehicles that speed past the park. I’ll provide more updates as they are available.

Helensville Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade

A $17million upgrade of the Helensville Wastewater Treatment Plant has vastly improved the quality of the treated wastewater and means the plant is better able to cope with peak flows in wet weather.

The upgrade includes New Zealand’s first installation of a ‘membrane aerated biofilm reactor’ – relatively new technology for the biological treatment of wastewater.

Watercares technology innovation manager Kevan Brian says the old plant, which had featured an oxidation pond and ultra-filtration, wasn’t consistently meeting consent requirements for the level of ammonia in the discharge. An abatement notice was issued by Auckland Council in late 2021.

This is great news for the 1600 homes in Parakai and Helensville which are serviced by this treatment plant and for the continued health of the Kaipara River

For more information checkout$17m-upgrade-at-Helensville-Wastewater

Kaipatiki Reserve (Parakai Reserve) update

Te Poari o Kaipatiki ki Kaipara board has done an amazing job transforming the Kaipatiki Reserve (formally Parakai Reserve). It’s great to see the wide and well-designed paths taking shape which will create great walking tracks, and connect Parkhurst and Springs Road.

Planting is slowly going in as sections are completed. Large drains and swales are being created to help drain excess water and create more usable spaces. These swales will also create small seasonal wetlands to help draw native wildlife back into our reserves.

It won’t be far off before we get to see the new playground taking shape.  Exciting times for Parakai.

New Birthing Centre drop-in clinic

I had the privilege in August of being part of the dawn blessing for Te Ha Tama Ariki by Helensville Birthing Centre new drop-in clinic.

The clinic will offer a range of maternity and postpartum services. Including women’s health screening, pre-pregnancy advice, prescriptions, and support. Free pregnancy testing, pregnancy and breastfeeding care, advice, support, and referrals.

This clinic will be an amazing extension to the already awesome service the birthing centre provides for our community.

Shelly Beach Café

Thank you, Kim McNamara, for the photo.

Shelly Beach upgrade has been completed and it’s looking great.  The new Café lease has been approved and we look forward to seeing it open soon.

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