Room 14 column, Helensville Primary

by Ashleigh Edlington and Fiagloria Tavui 
Mind your own beeswax
For the past two terms Helensville Primary has been participating in litterless lunches to reduce the amount of rubbish our school produces.  This has been really successful,but we discovered one large problem.  Plastic wrap!
So, the Rimu team researched some alternatives and discovered beeswax wraps were easy and cost effective to make. They provide a more sustainable way to wrap sandwiches, biscuits and fruit, etc. and beeswax is reusable, so it doesn’t harm our marine life.
Here is how we made them;
1. Cut pieces of cotton fabric to size
2. Melt beeswax into an electric frying pan
3. Soak our pieces in the wax
4. Wait to dry
5. Use them.
The Rimu team would like to thank Mr. Graham Clark, a local beekeeper, for his donation of beeswax.

Beeswax Wraps on display on Ag Day

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