Safe and efficient roads are a priority to accommodate growth

The state of the roads in Auckland’s North West is a matter of grave concern for residents and businesses alike. The crumbling infrastructure and lack of investment have led to a frustrating and unsafe commuting experience for our community. It is high time we address this issue and prioritise the development of safe and efficient roads that can support our region’s growth.

One cannot discuss the sorry state of our roads without acknowledging the terrible waste of money on failed and failing projects under the leadership of the former Transport Minister, Michael Wood. The mismanagement and lack of foresight in allocating funds to a now-cancelled bike bridge, Auckland Light Rail and blanket speed reductions have left us with deteriorating roads and a strained transport network. It is evident that the previous approach has failed us, and we need a new vision to rectify these issues.

One of the key priorities for ACT is to ensure the provision of safe and efficient roads that can accommodate the growth and demands of our region. To achieve this, we propose a comprehensive 30 year infrastructure plan that focuses on upgrading critical transport infrastructure, such as the four-laning of State Highway 16 to Waimauku.

Four-laning State Highway 16 to Waimauku is an essential project that will not only enhance road safety but also alleviate congestion and provide much-needed capacity to support our growing population. This upgrade will significantly improve travel times and reduce the risk of accidents on this busy route through Huapai and Kumeu. We must push for this project to be given the attention and funding it deserves, as it will be a game-changer for the entire district.

In addition to specific projects, we must also address the underlying issues that have contributed to the current state of our roads. The lack of long-term planning and inadequate investment in maintenance and upgrades have left our roads neglected and unable to cope with the increasing demands of our community. ACT will work towards establishing a robust funding mechanism that ensures regular maintenance and timely upgrades of our road infrastructure.

Moreover, it is imperative to involve local communities in decision-making processes regarding transport infrastructure. As elected representatives, we should actively seek input from residents, businesses, and experts to understand their needs and concerns. By engaging in transparent and inclusive discussions, we can develop a roadmap that reflects the aspirations of the people we serve.

Furthermore, ACT believes in fostering public-private partnerships to unlock innovative solutions and accelerate road development. By collaborating with the private sector and leveraging their expertise, we can expedite the construction and maintenance of roads while ensuring value for taxpayers’ money. This approach will help us avoid the mistakes of the past and deliver high-quality infrastructure projects that stand the test of time.

Investing in safe and efficient roads is not merely about convenience; it is about ensuring the well-being and economic prosperity of our community. Improved transport infrastructure will enhance access to education, healthcare, and employment opportunities, thereby fostering growth and creating a more vibrant and connected region.

ACT is committed to prioritising safe and efficient roads that can support our region’s growth. By focusing on critical projects like the four-laning of State Highway 16 to Waimauku, implementing long-term planning, involving local communities, and fostering public-private partnerships, we can create a road network that meets the needs of our community today and in the future.

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