Santa came to town (in 2013)

Even the weather could not dampen the spirit of Christmas.

Saturday 7th dawned with rain forecast just about the time the parade was due to start.  Fortunately it came early and by midday the sky was bright and clear.  Santa was in his grotto with a long queue of children waiting to see him.

The streets were lined with people and the pavements overflowed with stalls.  Behind the hall the Helensville Volunteer Fire Brigade demonstrated what to do in the event of a kitchen fire, using a pot lid, bread boards (even a plastic one) and damp towels.  The strongest messages were never to try and pick up a burning pan, dial 111 and then buy some time for the Fire Brigade to arrive.

Then it was time for the parade, and the band, and cheering, and lollies, and waving, as the floats moved between the very well-behaved crowds, before turning around and going back again.

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