Shotgun Ladies Fishing Competition

by Patryce Salmon

Sadly the Shotgun ladies fishing competition was not nearly as well patronised as the children’s competition in January, however the fish will still taste the same. Congratulations to all the women who participated and enrolled this time. Hopefully they were all happy with their prizes, especially the cash.

The heaviest Snapper was caught by Leeza Aldworth with a 5.900kg weight count, 2nd was Kara Singer with a weight count of 4.410, and in 3rd place 4.285kg.
The heaviest Kahawai was caught by Aimz Ruthford with a 2.645kg weight count, 2nd was Rhonda Fletcher with a weight count of 2.360kg and in 3rd place was Caspian with a weight count of 2.275kg.
The heaviest Trevally was caught by Connie Gould with a weight count of 1.37kg, 2nd was Jo with a weight count of 1.110kg and in 3rd place was Michelle Somers with a weight count of 0.980kg.
Last but not least the heaviest Gurnard was caught by Christina Norton with a weight count of 0.880kg, 2nd was Shelley and in place 3rd was Erin with a weight count of 0.805kg.

Unlike Ollie White’s achievement at the Children’s Competition in January, at this event there were no Kingfish caught. The mystery weight snapper winner was Nicole Holmes 3.549kg fish winning her the prize of $500 donated by SHOTGUN CONCRETE.
Special mention needs to be made of the sponsors. Without their support these events would not take place. The sponsors were: Shotgun Concrete, Water FX, Neho Girls, Hey Sophie, Hunting Lodge, Snapper Fishing Charters, 11th Hour, Team King, Barfoot and Thompson, Riah Hair, Kaipara Cruises, Kaipara Star Charters, Michelle Thirkettle (Nutrametics).
Thanks goes to all the sponsors, organisers, contestants and people who tagged along for helping make SHOTGUN Ladies Competition such a great event.
Unfortunately the annual KCSC Regatta, which was scheduled for 20 February, was cancelled this year, but we will all look forward to next year’s KCSC exciting events. The Annual Fishing Competition on 6th March will still be held.

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