‘South Head Flora and Fauna Guide’

by Helen Martin
In a wonderful initiative, South Kaipara Landcare and Auckland Council have collaborated to produce a 54-page guide to a selection of the flora and fauna found on South Head peninsula. The booklet, funded by Auckland Council, is a first for South Head and will quickly become indispensable to locals for the information it contains about their very special area.
The introduction explains that “South Head is home to a diverse range of rare, endangered and important plant and animal species, and the special forest, wetland and coastal ecosystems that support them”, and points out that the community’s pest management efforts have increased the chances of their survival. With text by flora and fauna experts and photos contributed by the community, the beautifully produced pages contain fascinating information on South Head’s ecosystems, forest birds, wetland birds, coastal and wetland birds, open country birds, lizards and flora.
Additional information at the back includes useful websites on such things as weed and pest control information and environmental funding, an appendix listing the bird species of the South Head peninsula and a reference list.
‘South Head Flora and Fauna Guide’ is available free – one copy per household – to South Head residents. Copies are available through the South Head Landcare website https://southkaiparalandcare.org/

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