St Cuthberts Church Kaukapakapa

Locals may have noticed recent repairs and maintenance underway at St Cuthberts Church.
Opened in 1881 the church has just passed 140 years since it was built so needed some repairs:
1 Repair of the west window which had been leaking for many years.This necessitated the whole removal of and remake of the framework and new glass.
2 Reblocking of the back and west side of the church.Some of the old wood was rotten.
3 Cleaning down of the church roof and walls by waterblasting and preparation of the walls for painting. Finally the whole outside of the church has been painted in its former colours and it looks great.
Regular traditional services are held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at 2pm followed by afternoon tea. Contact Margaret Bayly Phone 094205213.

The Church today

The Church in the 1800's

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