St John and the Local Community saving lives.

Area Committee Treasurer John Issott thanks RSA President Les Coste for allowing St John to install the first AED outside the RSA.

The Helensville Area Committee of St John are partnering with local service organisations to install publicly available Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) in easily accessible locations, around our area. This is the first stage of a roll out of more units from Kumeu to Glorit and South Head.
A check on the AED Locations App’ (which EVERYONE should have on their phone!), will show a reasonable number of such machines in our area. However most of them are held inside and are therefore only available, whilst the premises are open. The Area Committee recognised this, so are working to have more located on outside walls.
St John have installed the first one, alongside the main doors of the Helensville RSA, in the middle of Commercial Road.
The RSA supports the local community with lots of use of their facilities by their members and the public:for events, fund raising for local schools, kindergartens and the Local Volunteer Fire and Emergency crews. Everyone is welcome and with Millies restaurant, within the premises, it’s a great place to have a meal and a drink.
The RSA have 1st aiders on their committee but the AED is independent and available 24/7. There are full instructions on the outside of the cover but the most important thing is to ring 111.The St John communications staff will help you unlock the alarmed cover.The AED itself speaks all necessary actions, so it is simple to operate.
The RSA have thanked St John for their initiative and hope that one day it helps to save the life of a friend or family member.
The Lions Club of Helensville have also purchased an AED from St John, for installation at the tennis Club at Rautawhiri Park. South Kaipara Rotary are also looking to assist with this roll out.
Helensville St John Area Committee would like to talk to any organisations or businesses, in the area, that would be willing to have an AED attached to the outside wall of their premises, so it is available all the time. Now there are a couple in Helensville centre, they are looking further afield.Ideally it should be located on a South facing wall and have a canopy or similar cover.The units and their own covers are very robust but direct sunlight will eventually require their replacement. The chest pads and special battery packs are replaced periodically. Please call or email the Op-Shop, if you would like to help: 09 420 9272
Our St John Youth divisions are always keen to demonstrate how to do CPR and talk about using an AED. Again ask via the Op-Shop.
The St John Area Committee is grateful to the people of Helensville and South Kaipara for supporting our Op-Shop and the great team who work there, so that we have the funds available to improve your health and wellbeing.

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