Summer is nearly over | by Noah Everard, Year 13 Student, Kaipara College

Is it just me, or did summer leave for a few weeks as the new month came Marching in? A sudden crisp feeling has been present in the morning air, even lingering around till lunch like an ill-favoured guest. This guest, who is draped in an early autumn robe, often comes accompanied by a calm rain. A common visitor of New Zealand’s capricious weather patterns.

Nevertheless, I am afraid not much has occurred in my life, when compared to the month of February. The A&P show was a success, due to the generosity of my Kaipara College teachers, who enthusiastically allowed me to commandeer half of their tent in order for me to sell my self-harvested honey, locally sourced from South Head. The show was indeed blessed with good weather and it was pleasing to see the talented crafters and artists, each displaying a unique set of work, which was readily devoured by the wandering customer.

Moving on to more present times, it would be my pleasure to not only mention, but appreciate the prosperity of the Kaipara College Student Leadership Team. I myself am a Student Leader of Kaipara College and therefore can confidently vouch for our team’s prowess throughout the start of 2024. Every meeting and event is productive and professional, with each member striving for excellence, achieved not through the success of one but of the whole. The team atmosphere is woven together through bonds of aroha, strengthening the fibres of the caucus and pushing us further in achieving a cooperative angitutanga. We have successfully completed our first four assemblies, with extensive praise and feedback from the teachers. I am certainly looking forward to completing more of our plans throughout the year.

I must reiterate my previous statement about the recent change in season. Today on the 20th of March, the sun was glowing high in the sky. The grass exalted an unavoidable green vibrance, tempting my fellow student and I to roam and relax on the school fields during recess, with the sky a calm sea of endless blue. Now that that is out of the way, I would like to further touch upon the other events of the Month. Such as Women’s History Month, taking place this March to commemorate women’s contributions to history and our success as a species. Women are pinnacle to this success as they have birthed and mothered every single human ever, whilst being unrealised and oppressed for the better part of history. New Zealand’s connection to the bettering of women’s rights should not be forgotten, as it was New Zealand who was the first country to allow women to vote, thanks to the valiant efforts of Kate Shepard and the NZ Women’s suffrage movement. Without further ado, I thank the Helensville Community News for allowing me to write in their column. Looking forward to the new installations of the coming months.

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