Te Poari o Kaipatiki ki Kaipara – ANZAC 2023 celebration success

With ANZAC day 2023 completed Te Poari o Kaipatiki ki Kaipara want to acknowledge whanau, the military forces, and other district Returned Services Associations (RSA).

This year the alternative approach to hold the entire Kaipara Memorial Returned Serviceman Association’s dawn service at Kaipatiki Reserve Cenotaph, due to the Helensville War Memorial closure for seismic strengthening was in support of the Kaipara Memorial RSA. Many thanks to Rex Keane, Steve Wilson, and the team at the Kaipara Memorial RSA.

Starting at 5.50 am over 500 people arrived on the brisk ANZAC morning to honour those that had gone offshore to battles over the years. As many as thirty wreaths were laid at the Cenotaph in remembrance, among them, the Maori Battalion, Kaukapakapa RSA, local organisations, and Te Poari o Kaipatiki ki Kaipara, with Te Poari wreath laid by Chair, Tamaki Mercer, and Deputy-Chair Guy Wishart.

The crowd then relocated to the RSA Service Cemetery in Helensville to lay further wreaths in honour of the fallen soldiers. The ANZAC morning concluded with a well-attended breakfast hosted by the Helensville Bowling Club.

Chair of Te Poari o Kaipatiki ki Kaipara, Tamaki Mercer says, “We are honoured to support the ANZAC ceremony this year. Our management team are always keen to foster and ensure enduring relationships with our local community.”

E kore hoki ratou e ngoikore

Ahakoa pehea i nga ahuatanga te wa

I te hekenga atu o te ra

Tae noa ki te aranga mai i te ata

Ka maumahara tonu tatou ki a ratou

Ka maumahara tonu tatou ki a ratou


 Challen Wilson, Manager Co-Governance Communications , Auckland Council

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