Thank you to Helensville Lions

Judith Williams

On behalf of the L’Arche Mount Tabor community, we would like to express our gratitude to the Lions Club of Helensville for aiding one of our long-term Helensville residents, Judith Williams, in supporting her to move from private rental in Garfield Road to a cottage at the Mount Tabor Farm.
Judith’s disability comes under the Autism spectrum and since she arrived in Mt Tabor in 1994 she has been greatly supported by various ladies in Helensville. Preparing meals and helping her with domestic chores.
Judith turns 68 this year and moving her to the cottage will enable us to provide 24 hour support for her as her needs change.
We thank all the many women in Helensville who have worked with Judith and the Lions Club members who have also supported Mt Tabor Trust over the years, since we first set up house here in 1983.

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