Thanks and Appreciation

To the person who placed the beautiful “please don’t pick my flowers” signs in my plant boxes, a huge thank you. The joy and delight I felt when discovering them whilst watering at 6am one morning. I had worked on the boxes until 6pm the evening before, so they were done under cover of darkness. I do have cameras but assumed you prefer anonymity.
To those who thought the signs were my doing, I appreciate the compliment but I am absolutely not creative in that way. However, I would love to have one for every box and would be happy to pay.
Thanks also to the creator of the lovely card embellished with butterflies staked into one of my boxes in appreciation of flowers and chairs. I am pleased to see people using and enjoying the chairs. Someone commented it gave the town a ‘village’ feel. What better than that?
A reminder of an invitation extended more than 10 years ago: the deck at the rear of the WINZ premises is there for the community to enjoy sun and view. A bench seat provides a good lunch spot. Likewise the rough ground beside the rail line is available for anyone to park, but please do not park on sealed access ways beside buildings.
I hope the timber stakes will pacify those concerned about potential safety issues with the nails. Costing hundreds of dollars for materials and many hours of time, but the only solution I could come up with. If it spoils the effect of the boxes, thank the small number of careless and destructive amongst us.
I never cease to be amazed at the audacity and viciousness of a few. But the generous appreciation from so many keeps me going.
Holly Southernwood

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