The Art Centre still alive and active!

We have been persevering through many challenging times, council construction and the Art Centre building has gone 6 months over the time we were originally told it would take. We have been limited in what we can offer and do, however there have been many positive things happen too.

This September exhibition ‘Under one Roof’, will be at a new location right in Helensville central, 2a Rata Street. Artist’s Jo Dixey and Kit dean will be occupying 3 lovely white rooms, with one space being a video installation of the artists process of making the work.

The opening night is Friday 8th September 5-7pm, please feel welcome to come along. There is a lovely view of the Kaipara harbor from our pop up gallery, enjoy meeting the artists, having a drink and nibble!

We have been doing free workshop events which have been enjoyed by many in our community. Materials have been provided by the lovely support of local art supplies, Takapuna Arts located 498 Peak Road, Helensville. These events are posted on our facebook page and website if you are interested in taking part.

Jeff Thomson Mono Print workshop ‘Free Friday’

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