The Chill Out Chair

Former locals Jo Carson-Barr and Simon Barr have now produced their third children’s picture book, The Chill Out Chair. This is the second book in the Nicholas Trilogy. The first, The GoodBye Chair, was very popular. Many of you have purchased it and the Helensville Lions Club kindly donated it to the children attending the local Hippy Group.
The Chill Out Chair is the story of an ‘emotional’ Nicholas who is sent to his Aunty Em to calm down. She tells him to “kia tau Nicholas.” He likes the sound of these words and asks what they mean. Aunty Em informs him they mean “settle down/chill out”. As Nicholas calms down, he thinks about Chilling Out and imagines himself on his Chill Out Chair….racing to save the baby animals who are stranded on the ice from the nasty sea monster who wants to eat them for dinner. Does he get there in time? Well, you will have to buy a copy of the book and see IF Nicholas becomes their HERO and saves the day. Children will love this is a fun read which has all the detailed illustrations we have come to know and expect from the gifted illustrator Simon Barr.
Copy and Print now have the three books in stock: The GoodBye Chair, for those newcomers to Helensville who do not yet own a copy; Waata the Weta: Can He Find The Perfect Home?, which has an amazing mix of comic/animation type illustrations. The second Waata the Weta, where he becomes The Ginger Knight, is just a few months away; and of course The Chill Out Chair.
Very reasonable prices…grandparents/parents buy in now for birthdays, Xmas or any other occasion.
A hot tip… for those of you adults stressing out …imagine yourself sitting on your Chill Out Chair and breathe deeply for a few minutes…works a treat.
You will get a warm welcome in Copy and Print and while you are getting all your other printing needs met… check out the books. Of course, you are very welcome to just check out the books.
Jo Carson-Barr

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