INTRIGUED??….Let us explain.
The Duke of Albany Freemasons Lodge, affectionately known as ‘the Duke’, is a men’s organisation with worldwide connections. It has had its roots in Helensville since 1884. Yes, for over 130 years this proud assembly of local men has met just once a month at the same time and place to share companionship and, indirectly, to gain a sense of personal betterment.
So, why is the Lodge not as well known as Lions or Rotary? Freemasonry is not about fundraising. It is all about fraternity of men of every race, religion, creed and work responsibilities which, above all and most importantly, lays out a path for gaining maturity and personal growth. It comes without a religious commitment.
Like most clubs and community groups, Freemasonry needs new members to maintain a vibrant and purposeful presence. We are therefore keen to meet like-minded mend (of all ages) at our Lodge rooms where all your questions can be answered informally and without any pressure or obligation.
Please come to our open days at the Lodge rooms Kowhai St, Helensville for refreshments and a look around. Saturday April 9th or Sunday April 10th anytime between 4 and 5pm.
Local Contacts Chas Holst 420 8008 Grev Walker 420 7173 David Bott 420 7544

Helensville Masonic Centre
Sat April 9th 4pm
Sat April 10th 4pm
We welcome men of all ages to visit the Lodge rooms, to be better informed about our historic fraternity.
Approx 1 hour. No pressure or obligations. Refreshments
9 Kowhai St, Helensville
Enquiries: David Bott 420 7544,
Chas Holst 420 8008
Grev Walker 420 7173

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