The Fallen

Kaukapakapa’s historic All Saints Cemetery is showing the ravages of time and we need your help. As a first, stage eight of the worst affected graves have been selected for repair, these headstones are down and broken and will be cleaned, drilled, pinned, rejoined and then refitted onto their existing bases by Thompson Memorials. Finding descendants is a little challenging, not to mention a lesson in Kaukapakapa’s past. The eight graves belong to;
Mary Hannah Mumford. Died 1930’s
Maria Cox. Died 1912
Frances, John and Agnes McLeod. Died 1919, 1911, 1884
Annie Drinnan. Died 1917
Margaret Hooper. Died 1935
Ann Elizabeth McGuire. Died 1936
Ralph and Sarah Osbaldiston. Died 1904, 1912
Violet Ellen Jones, née Rapson Died 1898
Some of these families may have moved on from the area, but it is our hope that we can find enough descendants who are willing to contribute towards the cost of the restoration. We need these people resting in peace, not pieces. If these are your whanau you can contact Megan Paterson - 021 959017, Zarnie Fergusson - 022 4374514 or Grev Walker 021 08290768, for more info.
On Sunday 13th September, weather permitting, the NZ Remembrance Army will be cleaning and restoring the 29 veteran graves in the All Saints Kaukapakapa cemetery. Sponsored by Bioshield and Resenes their mission is for every service grave in the country to be restored to the same standard of the graves of their comrades overseas. Come along and say hello to these fantastic volunteers and find out more about their awesome task of respect.
Below is an example of the amazing results achieved with expert restoration - see the article in our Helensville Community News August issue.


The Helensville cemetery headstone of returned Boer War and WW1 soldier William Smith, before...

... and after

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