The future of our Christmas Parade

A huge thank you to all who turned out as volunteers to facilitate the biggest and best parade ever proceeding. A number of floats evidenced time, imagination and effort contributed, with the overall standard much improved against earlier years. The business community was lacking in representation, something to work on for next year?
Whilst there is significant interest in participating in the parade, and the spectator crowd was greater than last year, the reluctance of the community to volunteer remains a problem. We were again short of necessary numbers, straining the capacity of a dedicated few. Additional to a core group of leaders, we need at least 70 volunteers including 30 marshals. Those who take leading roles year after year are getting older (we lost 2 key people from the parade start area less than a week before the event, due to ill health). Fit younger people are desperately needed to learn and commit to key roles.
For 2020 volunteer registration will be available from early September. If the required numbers are not in place by end October, there will be no parade.
Time to step up Helensville!

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