The Lions Roar

Despite these difficult times, life goes on but in a different format.

Helensville Lions have not been resting – we continue to help our Community. We have made a donation to the Foodbank Collective which is made up of Women’s Refuge; Helensville Women and Family; S. Kaipara Men’s Centre; Out West Youth; in conjunction with Helensville Budgeting Service and local Police and Schools. So far over 100 parcels handed out. Also a donation was made to the West Auckland Hospice, as they have no income coming in from their shops. Prior to “lock down” we helped Helensville School with their Camp; Kaipara College PATHS; and assisted a college student with his expenses representing N.Z. in the Trans Tasman Challenge Youth Team.

As soon as restrictions are lifted, we will be pleased to accept your books in readiness for our Book Fair – watch this space for a date. The Lions Directory will be published as soon as we can.

We will once again be collecting Bread Tags to raise money to buy Wheelchairs – 200 bread bags full of tags buys 1 wheelchair, so start collecting – delivery points to be published later. We continue to collect used spectacles.

If we all learn to be patient and respect each other, we will come out of this better people (albeit long haired!).

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