The Lions Roar

lionlogoWow, what a great book fair. We are so heartened as we thought books were going out of fashion!
We donated some of that money raised to  children for their YMCA Camp;  a dance group and Historical Society.
Lions will be celebrating their 100th Anniversary next  year, so as soon as the weather improves, we will be out there completing the Riverside Walkway. This will be Helensville Lions centennial project.
A Fitness Trail, another project, is at last gaining momentum, so watch out for this as well.
We have welcomed 3 new members into our Club which is great. We warmly welcome them and look forward to more of you joining this year!
At our last meeting of the Lions year, we had a fun evening with a camfire theme with everyone joining in the singing. The outgoing President, made several awards to outstanding Lions for their service to the Community and our Club.  We now start a new year with a change of Officers.

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