“The Only Constant: Change”

It’s probably always been true that “the only constant in life is change” (as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed in 500BC) but today it feels more true than ever.

In 2020 we might add that “constant change” is the order of the day, as we navigate life in a brave new,coronavirus-infected world.

I’d be on a fool’s errand if I were to attempt recording certain kinds of information here that will inevitably be outdated by the time you read this. Incidentally, I don’t know whether you will get a chance to read this at all, given that local media seem not to be deemed an “essential service” at time of writing. But the bigger point is that advice on where and how you can live life should be taken one day at a time. Please keep listening carefully to those well placed to give such advice.

You will forgive me speaking in reasonably general terms, there- fore, when I urge that as the communities of west and northwest Auckland we band together metaphorically in this time of trouble. Community spirit must have two different meanings right now: one is internal (keeping physically distance) and one external (do- ing the right things by others, partly simply by taking care of yourself and partly by reaching out to find out how others need help).At the moment I’m posting a daily Facebook briefing so can I request and suggest that you check those out to see what’s hap- pening out there for the good people of the Helensville electorate – the page is “Chris Penk”. And it goes both ways, of course: if you can share any information with me please do that on my Facebook page or through my (virtual!) electorate office: email chris.penkmp@parliament.govt.nz or call 09 412 2496. Take care. Stay safe. Fight on. Chris Penk MP

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