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Time Saving Tips in the Kitchen
If you’re living a busy life, it’s easy to feel like you don’t have enough time to cook healthy foods.  But if we don’t put the effort in to look after our body, it will make us take time by getting sick.  So, here’s a few tips to help you save some time in the kitchen...
Batch cooking
Cooking meals in bulk when you can – i.e. cook a big batch once, eat for two different meals (or freeze one half):
  • Cooking a double batch of mince, onions and garlic, then using for two different meals.
  • Roasting a chicken and using some for a dinner and the rest in a soup or for lunches.
  • Making a double batch of mashed potatoes or kumara and use one half in dinner, and the second half as a topping for a casserole.
  • Baking a double batch of muffins and freezing half for the next week.
Prep ahead
Wash, chop, peel, grate etc. bulk batches of vegetables that you will use for the week and keep stored in the fridge or freeze if suitable.
Snack containers
Make up snack containers/jars for yourself or the kids and keep in the cupboard.  Try nuts, seeds, 1-2 pieces of dried fruit, 1-2 bliss balls, coconut strips, etc.
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