The way I see things

by Brian Hale

I think I must be ‘Old School’ and therefore fundamentally
honest, except when my wife asks an awkward question, and I
assure her she still look beautiful. But being honest I expect
others to be the same. Sadly I have now come to the conclusion
that a significant number of people are, in fact, fundamentally
dishonest. They cheat, lie and deceive as though it was normal.
This has the effect of leaving the rest of us in constant doubt,
resulting in us trusting nobody even the honest ones.
As a case in point so many people are ‘followers’, not thinking
for themselves, that they are heavily influenced by the ‘herd’.
But what is the ‘herd’? Does it exist, then let’s create a ‘her’ out of
Sabir does this for a living. The following email arrived in my
inbox unsolicited a short while ago.
Subject: Get Facebook Likes/Instagram Followers
Do you want to increase your social media presence, then
you are in right place.
As a Digital Agency, we will increase the number of likes &
followers on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube,

Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram page at a very low cost.
All Likes will be 100% real and active users and also, we
can get likes from any corner of the world, such as the
Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Dubai, etc.
Please have a look our likes and followers cost below:
500 Facebook/Instagram Likes 25USD
1000 Facebook/Instagram Likes 40USD
2000 Facebook/Instagram Likes 75USD
5000 Facebook/Instagram Likes 150USD
So why you are waiting for? Get Facebook Likes and
Instagram followers. Give a Boost to your fan page and
increase your business reputation.
Sabir Alam
If you do not wish to hear back from us, please reply with
So what is Sabir offering? To con my customers and potential
customers. To deceive them into thinking that others have tried
my service, my products etc. and found it wonderful, marvellous,
good value or any other made up expressions you can think of. In
reality it would all be a smoke screen with no foundation in reality
at all. In fact I may not even have any customers or sold anything
at all, with all the apparent ‘Likes’ coming from people who almost
certainly do not even live in New Zealand. They may be real
people but what they say certainly would not be.
How despicable!

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