The petition requesting a ballot of members of North West Country (business association) to determine the level of support for the BID continuing, now has 300 signatures, 12 times as many as required to meet Auckland Council criteria.
Yet no response has been activated since the petition was presented on 23rd August. Lawyers have been amusing themselves debating the meaning and implications of the words “if necessary” in the petition! Time and members money wasted.
Auckland Council, Rodney Local Board and the BID itself are all claiming they have no money to fund a ballot. Democracy? When a by-election is required it is never suggested that there is no funding for it. It simply has to happen.
The October committee meeting of North West Country, just the second since the AGM, failed to achieve a quorum. Have they given up? It was expected that processes around the petition/ballot would be determined at that meeting. So nothing is happening? Auckland Council is responsible. Democracy is surely the right of members, or are we being abused?

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