Vector connecting with community

Exactly a year after the severe storm, which resulted in lengthy power outages in the wider Helensville area, Vector’s community engagement team approached Te Awaroa Residents & Ratepayers Association (TARRA) to connect with the community.
Their goal is to develop communication strategies and understand the impacts and possible remedies in such an event. They also wish to better communicate when significant work is to be done requiring some outage.
A first meeting has been held, including Helensville Police Senior Sergeant Damian Albert and Helensville MP Chris Penk. Really worthwhile discussion was had over the whole range of factors, which contribute to the impact on the community of a major outage. Both rural and urban aspects were covered.
Link to Vector’s Outage Centre allows you to sign up for notifications or report an outage.
There will be further development of this. For TARRA to be the point of contact is a boost to our ‘reason to be’. If you would like more information or would like to join TARRA email All are welcome at a ratepayers meeting on 29th May, 7.30pm, at the meeting room, Helensville War Memorial Hall. Police senior sergeant Damian Albert will be guest speaker, providing an opportunity for airing concerns and asking questions.
Holly Southernwood 021488427 Chair of TARRA

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