Voices from the Past

Kaukapakapa Library, Sunday 17th September, 10am - 1pm

Come along and hear oral histories from Kaukapakapa’s past providing information on early families, their lifestyles and significant events.  Listen to the late Frank Henley on early Kaukapakapa, Wyn Jordan about Jordan’s Island and Murdoch McLean speaking about railway and the Makarau tunnel, farming and schooling in the area, and more.  Oral histories are courtesy of the Helensville Museum.
For more information contact Megan Paterson on 021 959017 or email threehorses@xtra.co.nz

Photograph is ; Ron Taylor, Norman Taylor, Owen Jordan, Wyn ( Taylor) Jordan at Kukutango (Jordan’s Island), Kaukapakapa, 1931

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