Volunteer accolades

Recognition for Citizens Advice Bureau Helensville volunteers was one of the highlights at the CAB North Shore’s AGM.

Local legend Marama Stead was awarded her 20-year certificate while Oliver Glen gained a certificate of appreciation.

Manager Rani Timoti says the pair have both gone the extra mile in their own areas of skills and expertise.  Born and bred in Helensville, Marama is renowned for her community networks which includes being a long-time Justice of the Peace.

“From cleaning our office with another steadfast volunteer Janet Heron to covering for other volunteers, Marama is here so often her whanau pops in if she’s not home,” says Rani. “She is always keen to represent us at community gatherings and is a reliable stalwart for all things CAB despite her own busy life.”

Oliver was the last chairman for Helensville when the office merged with CAB North Shore in December 2022. “His dedication in ensuring everything was officially sorted out included staff changes, volunteer meetings and dealing with all the administrative paperwork,” says Rani.

Oliver is currently on the board for CAB North Shore and brings the Helensville voice and identity to the six other branches.

Meanwhile, Saturday openings have started for CAB Helensville from 10am to noon with a trained CAB volunteer and JP always available.

The office is at 16 Commercial Rd and open Monday to Friday, 10am to 1pm.

CAB Helensville volunteer Marama Stead is presented with her 20 year certificate by CAB North Shore manager Tim Charman at the CAB North Shore AGM

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