Watch out for “Stitch People”

by Helen Martin
Congratulations to Helensville stitcher Jo Dixey on the publication of her first book. “Stitch People: a 20-project guide to modern embroidery techniques” is a beautifully written, illustrated and produced book designed to help stitchers improve their skills and learn new ones as they progress through it. Jo loves people and people-watching, so each project has a ‘people’ aspect as its central image. A goldmine of information and ideas, “Stitch People” lists the equipment needed and contains a selection of 20 meticulously detailed and photographed embroidery projects, from small cards to more complex wall art, from simple appliqué for a scarf to a re-purposed suit jacket. Each step-by-step explanation introduces something new in terms of use of stitches, techniques and materials. Templates of the images to be stitched are provided for photocopying and the book ends with a photo gallery of all the stitches it describes.
Jo trained to be a professional embroiderer at the Royal School of Needlework, has taught embroidery and exhibited and sold her work for over 20 years and is celebrated internationally as an avant-garde textile artist. Her interest in encouraging other stitchers to be creative in their work and her love of ideas, especially around our fascination with technology, mean that as well as being instructional the book is an excellent read.
Published by Albany’s David Bateman, ”Stitch People” will reach an international readership through a co-edition published by Search Press in England. It is available for purchase from Paper Plus in Helensville and Jo will be there stitching from 10am until 12pm on Friday September 15th.

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